Pole 1 — VRV3

Photo credit: VRV3.com

Photo credit: VRV3.com

CLASS: Pole 1 (Beginner)

TRAINER: Cesar L. — Enthusiastic and very attentive. Gave class goers pointers, and encouragement throughout the class.  

SWEAT: 6/10 — While you won’t be drenched in sweat after (sweat and poles don’t mix, anyway), you’ll still get a really good strength training workout in.  

LEVEL: Beginner. You’ll go through the basics in a slower-paced class. 


Pole 1 covers the basics of pole dancing, and you’ll learn the foundational moves of spinning, climbing, and strutting your way around a pole. Peep our play-by-play below.


Located in Telegraph Hill, VRV3 Studios is a cute and quaint studio. When you walk in, there’s a long hall lined with mirrors and complete with about 8-10 poles in the center. There’s a small space for changing toward one end of the class. If you’d like a little more privacy, there’s also a space in the back with an adjacent bathroom where you can find hair ties and bobby pins.

MUSIC: Ranges from pop to R&B to dance. Fun and upbeat.  

 BRING: Water, shorts and a tank. Don’t make a noob mistake and wear sweatpants to try and climb the pole. Spoiler: It’s much harder this way.  

Pro tip: Less is more — Skin contact is an essential part of working the pole.


Photo credit: VRV3.com

Photo credit: VRV3.com

photo credit: VRV3.com

photo credit: VRV3.com



Cesar got us into gear with a 10-15 minute warm-up including stretches and body-weight exercises. The body-weight exercises might be a bit challenging, but it’s a great muscle primer for the more intense movements later in class.

After the warm up, it was time to get the show started. Class was broken down into three major parts: Walking the pole, swinging around the pole, and finally hanging from the pole.

We learned how to properly walk around the pole: Our upper bodies away from it, but our feet closer toward it. We did it first flat-footed, then on our invisible platform high heels (read: on our tippy toes). Then, we learned how to properly swing our legs around it, which sounds easy, but there’s a lot of technique that goes into making it look effortless. Next, we learned how to spin around the pole — without the pole itself spinning, that’s for another class — which takes equal parts strength, coordination, and momentum.  

Finally, we learned how to hang properly from the pole, arms extended, knees together and thigh muscles working overtime to keep us suspended in the air as we shimmied up for a climb. To wrap up class, there’s a mock routine that includes all the movements and positions you learn in class. While it could sound intimidating at first, it can actually be quite liberating and fun. We went from feeling awkward and clunky at the start of the class to ending the class feeling like a straight-up sex goddess.

Overall, learning pole basics gave us a new found respect for pole dancers. Moves and positions are fun and beautiful, but there’s also a lot of technique and strength that goes into learning this art.  If you’re lookin’ for a way to bring your sexy back while getting in some strength training, pole at VRV3 might be right up your alley.


VRV3 Studios | 1419 Stockton St., San Francisco | 415.872.9077 | VRV3studios.com

Classes start at $35 for a drop-in and packages start at $165.