Ume Yoga: TRX

Photo credit: Ume Yoga

Photo credit: Ume Yoga

CLASS: TRX at Ume Yoga

TRAINER: Jenna Mitchell. She’s sweet, calming, and light-hearted.  

SWEAT: 6/10 — This class won’t have you dripping from head to toe, but the strength training on the TRX straps will have you gasping for breath.



  • Yes, Ume is a yoga studio. Yes, they offer TRX. Yes, you'll kick your booty kicked.
  • Strength, balance, and flexibility all come into play as you use the TRX Suspension straps to power through a full body circuit training.
  • This TRX class is great for all levels, as there's tons of modifications to make moves easier or more challenging depending on your fitness level.

MUSIC: Mainstream pop and dance songs stream through a bluetooth speaker so you can hear all your trainer’s instructions clearly.

BRING: Loose fitting clothing, a water bottle, and a yoga mat, if you have your own (Yoga mat rentals are also available).


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The TRX Suspension Trainer looks like two sturdy straps with handles hanging from a steel structure attached to the ceiling. It looks simple at first. Lean back, allowing the straps to take on your full body weight, and then pull yourself up in bicep curl-like movements. Sounds easy, but it definitely gets harder as you increase the reps. You’ll do three sets of different exercises, each set targeting a different muscle group. The first set targets arms, the second set targets core, chest, and glutes, and the third set targets abs and core. You’ll do movements like chest press ups, squats, planks, leg curls, etc. all in a way you’ve never done before, breaking through any plateaus in your weight training. All levels are welcome, and Jenna shows the class how to make the movements as easy or hard as you need them to be. Just a step forward or a slight adjustment in form can make a huge difference to just how hard you’re exerting yourself. The beauty of this workout is that no matter what fitness level you’re at, there will always be a way to make it more challenging.


The Ume Yoga Studio is a straight-up stunner of a studio. As you walk through the glass doors, you’re surrounded by beautiful merch and a welcoming front desk. Beyond that are three studios, which are airy, spacious, and sunny. It’s decorated in a sort of zen-chic way with clean bathrooms and lux showers.


Ume Yoga | 1501 Broadway, Oakland | (510) 671-1717 |