TRX at The Working Body, Oakland

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CLASS: TRX at The Working Body

Mondays 6:30pm - 7:30pm

TRAINER: David Beaudry

David’s passion for fitness and training is clear from the get-go. He takes a genuine interest in all his class goers. You’ll often find him introducing himself and asking about fitness routines and goals. He is easy to follow during instruction and he makes class fun!

SWEAT:  6/10. This class likely won’t leave you drenched in sweat, but expect a serious strength workout.

LEVEL: This is a great class for those looking to learn how to use TRX straps as well as expert TRX-ers.



  • Slow, steady, and focused: Expect the cadence of the class to be focused on the quality of the move vs. quantity of reps. David will make sure the class’s technique is on point before picking up the intensity. He’s not afraid to slow you down until you nail proper form.

  • One Strap Fits All: The cool thing about TRX straps is how they can be adjusted to fit your fitness level. It’s as easy as taking a few steps forward or a few steps backwards.

  • Cheers, the fitness version: This is the kind of studio where everyone knows your name. Most of the students in the classes are members of the studio and take class regularly. There’s a strong community of diverse people that all live close by, and bond over taking classes at The Working Body.

MUSIC: David plays soothing, relaxing music during class, similar to what you might hear in a yoga class. It’s soft, light, and easy to miss.


Pro Tip: You can opt to workout with shoes on or barefoot. Socks won’t work as the floor is wood and you’ll slip around too much. Most people wear shoes.

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Once you arrive, you’ll check in at the front desk, head upstairs to the back loft, and store your belongings in the cubbies. The TRX class is normally fully booked, so you’ll want to find your TRX station, grab a foam roller and get ready for class to start.

David starts class with a breathing exercise, followed by a quick, five-minute foam rolling and stretch session. This will prepare your body for the TRX workout and includes glute rolling, quad rolling, back rolling and stretches with the TRX straps.

The main workout involves various circuits and complexes of a few (2-4) movements, followed by a bodyweight movement without the TRX before taking a break. For example, you’ll use the TRX for Rows, squats, and lunges. Then, do a set of push-ups (without the TRX straps), then take a quick break. We did each set twice before moving on to new exercises.

Note: David showed the class two progressions for each movement, so you can perform more advanced movements if you are comfortable using the TRX straps or particularly strong.

The class ended with a stretch and a light Savasana before it’s clean-up time and high fives all around

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The Working Body Oakland


The Working Body is located in the Adams Point neighborhood near Lake Merritt in Oakland and is a great overall neighborhood fitness studio. They focus on personal training and group fitness classes, with a lot of their personal training work involving physical rehabilitation and the use of pilates reformer machines. Don’t expect to find a ton of weights lying around, this studio focuses on bodyweight, lengthening, and low impact training.

There’s a strong community vibe at this facility which is perfect for those who are looking for the fitness equivalent of a Cheers.


If you’re looking for an East Bay neighborhood fitness studio with a strong sense of community and values it’s members, The Working Body is a great option. They have everything from personal training to wellness like chiropractic, massage and acupuncture services, and even classes like Salsa Dancing and Qigong Strength.

For those dealing with an injury or who are looking for classes and training with a focus on low impact, lengthening and toning work, this is a great fitness studio to join.

The Working Body | 399 Grand Ave. Oakland | 510. 286. 8100 |
Pricing: Packages range from $59 - $149.