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TRAINER: Leilani Alteros

Leilani is a past member of Tribe Fitness, who turned into an instructor recently, so she gets that the struggle can be real! She’s super motivating, does the workouts with you and plays awesome music.

SWEAT:  7/10. This is a short class, so they don’t mess around with long breaks meaning it’s 0-60, from start to finish.

LEVEL: This class is suitable for all levels since Leilani will give modifications for each movement, and you can always adjust the weights to your needs and goals.



  • Keep It Movin’ — Since this class is so short, the name of the game is to stay moving the entire time. If Leilani notices people are starting to stop for a breather mid-interval, she’ll either insert some motivation or provide a modified movement that might be a little easier.

  • Focus on FormSome studios are all about moving fast and they never really check your form or technique. But this class is the opposite of that. Leilani is constantly reminding you throughout the class to be aware of your form. If you do (hey — we all get tired), she’ll give you a modified version of the movement so you can keep form.

  • Fight Club Vibes — This space is underground and is a bit on the gritty side, but still clean, tidy, and has great equipment.

MUSIC: Leilani plays primarily hip-hop. The music isn’t too loud, since you’ll be listening for the interval starts and stops by Leilani.

BRING: Just water — you’ll need it!


Pro Tp: If it’s your first time taking a class at Tribe, they will email you a digital consent form that you will need to fill out prior to arriving for class. It’s very easy to sign and they accept digital signatures.

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When you arrive at 222 Columbus, you might feel like a secret agent on a covert mission: You’ll need to enter a code to get into the building (Tribe provides in the ClassPass app or through email, depending on how you booked the class). Once inside there will be a door to the left with another code access point (you’ll get that one, too). Enter and head downstairs.

There’s almost a fight club-style vibe underground that kind of feels like you’re a part of some secret club — and it’s clear, you’re about to get a butt-kicking workout in.

Tribe holds all their classes in the main room, so it’s flanked with rowers, medicine balls, yoga mats, and weights. For the HIIT class, mats are laid out for you when you get in and the workout is written on the mirrors at the front of the room.

The class is  structured so you’ll stay on your mat for the entire workout doing intervals of cardio and plyometric movements. Expect combinations to include moves like: overhead presses, kettlebell squats, jump squats, modified burpees, medicine ball plank jacks and more. Here’s how it worked in our class:

  • Leilani runs through the whole workout at the start of class.

  • Each set is 45-seconds with 4-5 moves to be completed.

  • There’s a 15 second break after each set

  • Then we do it again (4-5 times in total) before moving on to the next set.

  • We sweat, sweat, and sweat some more.

  • Class ends with 5-minutes of ab work.

  • We high five Leilani and  walk out feeling like we just got a solid workout.

For those who enjoy circuit-based workouts including rowing, kettlebells, bodyweight movements, HIIT training and yoga, this studio has it all.

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Tribe shares a building with another gym/personal training studio APEX Wellness, but has their own dedicated studio space. While, yes, Tribe is underground and has a Fight Club vibe, Tribe is still one of the cleaner studios in the city. The space isn’t large, but it’s well-maintained and is very clean. There is no check-in desk, but there is a waiting area outside of the studio. Down the hall, there are lockers, bathrooms, and showers.

There is usually an instructor and a couple employees to watch over class goers and make sure everyone is getting checked-in ok and show people around the studio. There are towels as well provided for each class.


If you are looking for the best bang-for-your-buck workout class in the shortest amount of time to get the best workout, this is the perfect class. They even have private showers, so post-class, you can get ready to go out and still make happy hour (there’s a wine bar right upstairs, we’re just sayin’).

Tribe Fitness and Yoga | 222 Columbus St. San Francisco | 415-966-1319 |

Pricing: Drop ins are  $32, packages range from $32 - $1,100