Pure Barre at Pure Barre, San Rafael

Photo Credit: Pure Barre

Photo Credit: Pure Barre

CLASS: Pure Barre, San Rafael

Sundays 9:15am  

TRAINER: Rachel — It’s clear Rachel really knows her stuff when it comes to form and advanced technique. She keeps things interesting by switching up muscles groups and exercises.  

SWEAT:  4/10 - Don’t expect to sweat, but do expect to feel a burn

LEVEL: Beginner to Intermediate.



  • Small moves, big burn: Tiny adjustments and movements will provide the burn and shake. Your booty and core will be sore the next day.

  • 6-pack + buns of steel: While this is overall a full body class, there’s a heavy emphasis on core and glutes.

  • Small and cozy: This location is small, but filled with friendly staff

MUSIC: Pop-ish type music; it’s not played very loudly.

BRING: Grippy socks. All other equipment is provided for you.


Pro Tip: If you’re new, grab a spot in the front of the room to watch Rachel as she demonstrates each exercise.

Photo Credit: Pure Barre

Photo Credit: Pure Barre

Photo Credit: Pure Barre

Photo Credit: Pure Barre


We walked in, grippy socks ready to go, and took our place at the barre. Rachel instructed us on which class accessories to grab. For this class, we used them all: weighted ball, lightweight dumbbells, double band, and a mat. We knew we were goin’ to be in for a workout before the music even turned on.

Class started with a brief warm-up and then went into a full body routine for 50-minutes. Our workout was a full body workout. Most of the workout is done using just your body weight and accessories for a little added burn. We pulsed, tucked and lifted our way through arms, legs, core and glute sections of class, and we used accessories to help us complete different types of moves. It was interesting to see how a weighted ball under the heels of your feet or a band around your knees could add so much intensity to a move.  

The class was heavily targeted glutes and core — there was not just one, but two sections dedicated specifically to core work (6-pack anyone?).  Each section of class was completed with a stretch — a very welcomed stretch.

Because barre has its roots in ballet, the most important part of this class is making sure you have proper form (belly button up and in, shoulders down, chin up) — and Rachel is great about coming around and helping you. The moves are small and basic, so perfect for someone who’s just starting out or wants to start making fitness a part of their life, but man do those little moves pack a serious punch. While your sweat may not soak through your sports top, you will definitely feel a burn.

Photo Credit: Pure Barre

Photo Credit: Pure Barre

Photo Credit: Pure Barre

Photo Credit: Pure Barre


Pure Barre San Rafael is in small condensed location in Montecito Plaza shopping center. The space is small and has a narrow layout with all the essentials: An  entry/check-in area, the barre room, and bathrooms. There aren’t any showers — but since it’s not a high sweat class, you probably wouldn’t have needed ‘em anyway. The barre room is flanked with mirrors and yep, you guessed it, ballet barres. Overall, the space is cozy and the friendly staff makes it feel warm and welcoming.


With barre, generally speaking, the impact is low and the movements are small, making it a good option for anyone who’s new to fitness and/or looking to add a little sculpting to their fitness repertoire. This class (lead by Rachel) is really great at targeting two specific areas – the core and the bum. Since the movements are not too intense, we recommend for beginner to intermediate level fitness levels.

Pure Barre | 315 3rd St, San Rafael | 415-295-7590 | http://purebarre.com

Pricing: each location differs slightly - SR: intro $14 for 14 days, $25 per class or class packages from $230 for 10.

Other locations include: so, so many locations in the bay - Berkeley, Burlingame, Los Gatos, Mill Valley, Napa, Palo Alto, San Francisco (Marina and West Portal), Sonoma, Walnut Creek