ProAction Athletics: Bootcamp for Women

Photo credit: ProAction Athletics

Photo credit: ProAction Athletics

CLASS: Proaction Athletics: Boot Camp for Women

TRAINER: Shon Reese will give you the kind of workout you never thought you’re body was capable of doing.

SWEAT:  10/10. This is a real bootcamp with no mercy, ladies.

LEVEL: All levels.



  • Take a girlfriend and get fit together! A lot of the sets are partner based, but if you can’t bring a partner, there are lots of ladies there to pair up with.

  • Make sure you're well rested and ready to go. This workout is not for the faint of hear or the weary of body!

  • Get a good stretch in before class. The class is super-challenging, and you don’t want to injure yourself.

  • MUSIC: Upbeat pop, hip-hop, and 90s will get you in the groove.

BRING: A water bottle and a really good pair of trainers. You’ll be doing a lot of leg work.


Photo Credit: ProAction Athletics

Photo Credit: ProAction Athletics

Photo Credit: ProAction Athletics

Photo Credit: ProAction Athletics


There’s no beating around the bush; this workout will kick your butt — no matter what fitness level you’re at. The class starts out in a pretty typical way: some stretches, a light run around the studio, some grapevines, etc. However, once you're body is warmed up, Coach Shon is ready to kick things into high gear. We're talkin'  high-intensity intervals of push-ups, mountain climbers, TRX exercises, high knees, etc.

Most of the sets are done with a partner, where you both take turns to complete each round. All intervals are written on a chalkboard, so if you lose your place in the midst of all your huffing and puffing, there's a reminder of how much further you have to go. Shon is right there helping you with form and making sure you keep up the pace.

Right when the rounds are done, and you think you're in the clear, you’ll be sent out of the studio to run up a killer steep hill and all the way back down. Back earlier than everyone else? Be prepared to do 150 bicycle crunches until everyone returns. It’ll leave you red in the face, but feeling like an Amazonian warrior princess. A Sweat Report must-try!


Located walking distance from Lake Merritt and just down the street from Grand Lake Theatre, ProAction Athletics is a spacious and fully equipped gym on the second floor of the building. Lots of light comes streaming through from the front of the studio, and it’s clean and well-ventilated. Some might call it a little austere, but it’s got all the necessities for a mean sweat session

ProAction Athletics | 3360 Grand Avenue, Oakland | 510. 847.4532 |

Pricing: Drop ins are  $20, class packages range. Visit the for additional information.