Precision Running at Equinox, Palo Alto

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CLASS: Precision Running (Treadmill Workout)


You know your morning cup of Joe? Iris is basically the personification of that. She’s a ball of energy that hypes everyone up.

SWEAT:  10/10

LEVEL: All levels. No, really. This class is for every running level.



  • Early bird gets the worm: Enrollment opens 24 hours in advance. Since this is a popular class, set up a reminder to book the class before it fills up — because it will fill up.

  • Walk. Jog. Sprint: This class is programmed with intervals that push your limits with short walking breaks in between

  • Work your way up: Don’t expect to go from couch potato to speed demon in one session. Start at a light yet challenging pace, keep practicing, and before you know it, you’ll be running at your ideal speed.

MUSIC: The music was the same as the gym floor music, top 40. It’s lightly played in the background.

BRING: A water bottle. Sweat towels are provided.

CLASSPASS: No - Call to schedule a visit

Pro tip: For your first class, plan to finish below your max pace. That way, you can feel it out.

Precision running paloalto.jpg
Precision running.jpg


Okay, we know what you’re thinking: A treadmill class? What kind of torture is that? We felt the same way before taking this class. Truth be told, running is a bit of a struggle for us here at The Sweat Report, but we wanted to challenge ourselves in a new way. Precision Running promised to do just that.

We checked in at the front desk. They gave us our treadmill numbers and we headed over. The class is run on the floor of the gym, where you can see others working out on the ellipticals and strength equipment.

Iris greeted both new students and old, then explained the flow of the class:

  • Speed in the first set

  • Incline in the second

  • Combine the two in the third (and final) set

Immediately, we knew were going to be in for a class unlike any other.

Before our legs hit the pavement (or, err, treadmill),  we chose a personal “max speed” to work toward. This was going to be the speed that was attainable, but still pushed us past our limits. We started class at 2 miles per hour below that speed, and worked our way up to our max speed as our bodies began to warm up.

Speed round

At 45-60 seconds per interval, the run was manageable. It felt smooth and easy, and we found ourselves thinking “Okay, maybe we were good at running after all.” Then, we hit the inclines — and reality hit us.   

Incline round

For the Incline section of class, the treadmill raises as if you’re running on a hill, and you can control how steep the hill is by deciding the incline percentage.  Iris called out what our inclines should be. We started at 0% incline and went all the way to about 6% incline, and let us tell you, our thighs were on fire. Each “rest” period was welcomed with a sigh of relief.

Combo round

Iris combined the speed with the inclines — and man, she was not playing around. We sprinted, we ran a hill, we sprinted while running up a hill. Not going to lie, getting through that last set was tough. We walked out of class with heavy legs and sweaty faces.

While we didn’t score a runner’s high, we did gain a new appreciation for running  — we call that a win in our book!


Equinox is a high-end gym and fitness studio, located in the heart of Silicon Valley. It is perfect for those who lead busy professional lives and need expert instruction to improve their fitness, along with excellent amenities to help them go from sweaty mess to looking like success. The vibe: Friendly meets posh.

The Palo Alto location has a main studio for group classes, a small yoga studio, and a spin studio. It also has a pool upstairs and a lockers rooms for both men and women. Each locker room is equipped with showers, towels, razors, tampons, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, deodorant, and hair dryers. Just make sure to bring your own lock, so you can secure your valuables while your putting in that work.


This class is perfect for two kinds of people:

1) the person who wants to run but thinks they hate running

2) the runner who wants to improve her speed and performance.
It takes the thought out of your cardio routine and keeps you occupied with intervals that both challenge and excite you.

Equinox | 440 Portage Ave., Palo Alto | 650.319.1700 |

Pricing: Drop ins are not an option, packages range from $160 - $300

Other locations include: Berkeley, San Mateo, San Ramon, Sports Club San Francisco, Union Street, Pine Street