New Studio: FlyWheel, SoMa

Scoot over, Soul Cycle. There's a new spin obsession in town. Meet FlyWheel, the spin studio that uses tech to enhance your ride. Expect a ride that's similar to most spin studios: Hills, sprints, upper body work with weights, but add in the magic of bike technology, and that's what FlyWheel is all about. 

If you've ever taken a spin class and been unsure of how much resistance you should ride to, or what your RPMs should be (revolutions per minute, or how fast you pedal), wonder no more. Flywheel's bikes all have techpacks integrated on each bike. They're small, private, and easy to read and adjust devices that make your resistance and speed visible to you (and only you). So, instead of your instructor telling you to "add resistance" they'll call out specific numbers "you should be at a 17 or you should be at a 27" and you can add that number by turning the nob. You can also see how fast you're pedaling on the same screen, and pedal faster or slower to see the number change automatically. Don't feel like a heavy hill or a fast sprint? Easy to avoid  just don't touch the nob. The decision is totally yours. 

For those who want a little competitive push, opt in to have your stats published on the screen, and you can see how your stats compare to the rest of the class. For those who don't want their stats on blast for the room to see, after class you can check your stats and ranking in the FlyWheel App. 

Of course, there's a FlyWheel App. You can buy and book classes, view your stats, and learn what bike you're on before coming to class. But the best part: Add your shoe size to your profile, and at the start of every class, it will be waiting for you in a cubby that matches your bike number. Pretty nifty, huh? Tech meets sweat — has there ever been a more San Francisco spin studio?


  • 45 minutes (standard)

  • 60 minutes (extra credit)

  • 90 minutes (OMG)

FlyWheel Sports | 71 Spear St. SF | 415.688.4010 |

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