Open Barre at Open Barre Fitness, Walnut Creek

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CLASS: Open Barre at Open Barre Fitness, Walnut Creek 

TRAINER: Andrea — She's a very thorough instructor who's great at explaining every move, and keeps you motivated throughout class. She stays front & center throughout class and models every move. 

SWEAT: 8/10

LEVEL: This is truly an all levels class. Advanced students will certainly feel the burn, and there's enough modifications for even the newest barre goer. 



  • Blending the barre. Open barre is a combination of ballet, pilates, yoga and weight training  

  • Small moves, big burn. This class has a big focus on isometric movements — little moves that make a big impact. Don't be surprised when you feel lots of burning and shaking — it's a good thing. 

  • Open barre, open arms. This studio has a welcoming charm  that makes fitness feel accessible — no matter your age or your fitness level. 

MUSIC: Always upbeat, you'll hear a combination of EDM and pop music. 

BRING: Water and grippy socks (being barefoot is totally acceptable too). A mat and props are provided for you. 




Before class officially starts, the room is set up with the props you need, so all you have to do is show up and show out. Props usually include some mix of: mats, resistance bands, little silver barre balls, and weights. 

Class started with abdominals, and within just a few minutes not only were our bodies were warmed up, but we learned quickly that this was going to be a class that challenged us. Throughout the class we trained all the major parts of our body — there were sections of class that concentrated on arms, legs, and abs. No matter what part of the body we were focused on, movements had a similar theme: small, slow, and controlled. In fact, the slower the move, the more intense the move. We were burning and shaking throughout most of the class, which apparently, is a good thing. The props were fun to use, and made us look forward to each move.

It's clear that this class is ballet and pilates inspired because form is really important, and makes all the difference in every move. We heard "pull your belly button in and toward your back" over and over throughout class.  Not sure if you're doing the exercise right? Peep the teacher at the front of class, and compare your form to hers. If you're still not sure about the move, stay after class and ask. 

Overall, the class was more challenging than we expected (that burn tho) but had enough modifications for us to find the right move for our fitness level.


Open Barre is located in Walnut Creek Financial Plaza, and there's plenty of parking. The studio itself is tucked away in the corner and hard to see from the street. The studio has three main rooms — the entry room, the main barre room, and the locker room. 

The barre room is a wide open room flanked with ballet barres and mirrors. You'll noticed before every class the class is set up with mats on the floor, and the necessary props for class. The locker room is a cozy room with pictures of the Open Barre community, a bathroom, lockers, a vanity table complete with hair ties, deodorant, hairspray, and more. 


We walked in thinking this class was going to be a breeze and walked out sore, shaky and with a new respect for barre. Overall Open Barre is an awesome, inclusive barre class that'll have you feeling the burn from start to finish, no matter your age or your fitness level. 

Open Barre | 675 Ygnacio Valley, Ste B-106, Walnut Creek | 925.726.3027 |

Prices start at $20 for a drop in, membership prices vary. First class is free!