New Studio: Smuv Lagree Fitness

Smuv Lagree
Smuv lagree fitness

South Bay, do you Lagree? If not, you’re about to. Welcome, SMÜV Lagree Fitness to your neighborhood, the newest boutique studio to hit the fitness scene.

Located in San Jose on Berryessa St, Smüve classes run about 40-minutes and focus on the Megaformer to create a core stabilizing, high intensity, low impact. Classes are short but not so sweet — the Lagree Method of fitness is known for it’s slow, slow movements that burn and have you feelin’ that muscle shake. It’s also known to create long, lean muscles, but that’s not the only focus at Smüve.

Studio owners Katrina and Stephen mentioned on their website, “But beyond physical strength, health, quality of life, longevity, and all of that good stuff, your equanimity will evolve immeasurably. And this, fam, is the most significant of the maximum results that we hope for you to take from your Lagree practice here at SMÜV and into your daily life.”

In celebration of the studio opening, Smüve is offering free classes until Mother’s Day. After their opening special, new students can enjoy an intro week for $45 and recurring student packages begin at $135.

SMÜV Lagree Fitness | 1710 Berryessa Rd. San Jose |

Pro tip: Not sure how to pronounce Smüve? Think smooth, but with a “v” at the end. Aka: “Smuv” like a jar of Skippy.