Metta Yoga – Sunday Soul Revival Flow at Metta Yoga (Corte Madera)

Photo Credit: Metta Yoga

Photo Credit: Metta Yoga

CLASS: Metta Yoga – Sunday Soul Revival Flow at Metta Yoga (Corte Madera)

Sundays 8:30am

TRAINER: Victoria – She’s well-trained in advanced yoga and yoga philosophy. Her classes reflect more than just the poses, they’re rooted in the ideologies of the yoga practice. She speaks in Sanskrit for each posture and provides prompts and tweaks based on how she sees everyone moving.

SWEAT:  7/10 – You will sweat due to the heated class but the flow also induces a fiery heat within.

LEVEL: Intermediate – Best for those with an existing understanding of yoga postures, sun salutations and Sanskrit names.



  • Traditional Flow. The class begins with the standard sun salutation and moves forward into a flow working up towards the ultimate posture (bird of paradise).

  • Bring the heat. Class is heated to a mere 75-85 degrees, but with the vinyasa flow style of class you will sweat! Don’t be intimidated by the heat, it’s nowhere near as hot as bikram and does fluctuate during class.

  • A touch of spiritual. Throughout the class, Victoria speaks to the Niyamas —  yogi speak for the self or ego. The class is grounded in spirituality, but is presented in today’s terms and feels accessible and easy to understand.

MUSIC: Random mix from chanting, to spiritual to reggae. It honestly felt quite disjointed from the intent and flow of class.

BRING: Mat, towel (for sweat) and a water bottle. Mats are available for rent for $3. The studio provides props such as blocks, blankets, and bolsters.


Pro Tip: Bring your own Mat and Towel (you’ll want that towel once the class is heated up!)

Photo credit: Metta Yoga

Photo credit: Metta Yoga

Photo credit: Metta Yoga

Photo credit: Metta Yoga


Anyone else crave a heated yoga class when it’s cold out? This is the perfect class for those gray Bay Area days.

Walking into the studio, the heat is not stifling (yay!), but you’ll notice the space is on the smaller side — the yoga room, check-in space, and cubbies are all in one.

Right before class began, Victoria approached each student, introduced herself, and asked about injuries. During class Victoria used this knowledge to provide modifiers during each pose specific to injury and level.

Once class began, the flow and room heated up quickly. Victoria took the class through each Sun Salutation multiple times before adding on to each set. The class moves pretty quickly — we moved from standing poses, chaturangas and seated postures.

For each move, Victoria used the Sanskrit name, rarely the English name, and did not provide vast detail on how to get into each posture. But once everyone was in the pose, she provided prompts on how to make those small tweaks to ensure alignment and comfort are maximized.

All your favorite yoga poses are covered in this class — chair, warrior, etc. —as well as many advanced postures. They all lead up to the master posture of class Birds of Paradise (this changes every week).

The class ended with traditional Savasana and an essential oil (lavender) neck and shoulder massage — the ultimate zen experience.

Photo credit: Metta Yoga

Photo credit: Metta Yoga

Photo credit: Metta Yoga

Photo credit: Metta Yoga


Metta Yoga is a cute yoga studio in the heart of Corte Madera. Upon walking in, the check-in, cubbies, and yoga room all share the same large room. The studio is street level, so there’s curtains covering the front windows of the busy street. Encouraging words and mudras are placed around the space to provide a safe and peaceful vibe.


This class is great for intermediate or advanced practitioners of yoga wanting to reset their intentions or practice a traditional flow in a heated space.

Metta Yoga | 8 Tamalpais Drive, Corte Madera | 415. 868. FLOW (3569) |

Pricing: New Student Special:3 for $30, packages from $109-$320