Mega Fit at LagreeFit415


CLASS: MegaFit at Lagree Fit 415 in Mission Bay – Friday, 7:30am

TRAINER: Nicol is hands on and conscious of form ensuring you’re getting the maximum benefit (read: burn) in every move.

SWEAT:  8/10 – The Megaformer provides a cardiovascular and strength workout in just 40 minutes.

LEVEL: Intermediate – This class increases the intensity of a traditional pilates reformer class with the added weight and complex movements.



  • Focus: There’s no beating around the bush, this class is physically demanding. But, it will also test your mental perseverance, making it just as much a mental workout as a physical one.

  • Form: To ensure safety and maximum benefit, form is key. Nicole was very hands-on during class to perfect everyone’s form.

  • Fight: The goal of each move in this class is to go as slow as possible. Why? Going slow ensures that your muscles fight against momentum, so you’re the one doing all the work, not gravity.

MUSIC: Upbeat music that drowns out into the background as all focus goes into each movement.

BRING: Pilates grippy socks are required for this class. The studio does provide small towels during the workout (you’ll need it!). While there’s no water breaks during this 40-minute class, that post class thirst is real so don’t forget to bring a water bottle.


Pro Tip: The Megaformer can be a bit intimidating as it’s slightly more complicated than a traditional Pilates Reformer. Get to class early and the instructor will walk you through the whole machine. Lagree Fit 415 also provides introductory classes for newbies to the Megaformer.

Megafit at lagreefit415


If you’ve never tried Lagree Fitness, here’s a quick breakdown of what it is:

Lagree is a high intensity, low impact type of fitness that is basically reformer pilates on steroids. While the Lagree crew doesn’t consider this fitness style “pilates,” many of the movements have the same principles as pilates, so the foundations of the two fitness styles are very similar. However, Lagree focuses on compound movements (i.e. working multiple muscle groups with one exercise) on the Megaformer with increased weight.

Nicol’s class follows the traditional Lagree style of fitness. The structure was exactly what you’d find in any Megaformer class: Exercises that target specific muscle groups, one after the other, on one side of the body. Then, the same exercises are performed on the second side of the body. The goal of each movement is muscle failure and fatigue. You’ll know you reach that point when your muscles start shaking (hence the Shake it till you make it neon sign).  

We did a variety of exercises on one side: We started with core, moved to legs on the right side, then obliques, and arms —  and then repeated this on the second side. We definitely got to muscle failure a few times. Nicole was great at ensuring our form was on point, making adjustments and talking us through variations depending on the class’s skill level.

There are two points that makes this class so difficult:

  1. Multiple holds and pulses for per movement. For example: We did an “Elevator lunge” on the Megaformer for 1-minute. Then, we held it for  30 seconds before pulsing this movement for 15-seconds. THEN, we did that same set again (same side!). Sounds miserable? Yes! Sounds amazing? YES!

  2. Slow movements: Every movement is meant to go as slow as possible. If you’re not moving in counts of 4 or slower, you’re going too fast. The goal is to fight momentum to ensure your muscles are doing all the work (vs. gravity). While it may not sound difficult to go slow. Trust us, it’s much harder than it sounds.  

Class went by pretty quickly with little to no room for a water break. And while there were no official breaks in class, we noticed that Nicol was good at rotating and targeting different body parts. For example, it felt like we would work our legs to the point of fatigue then jump to arms or obliques, so our legs could recover, but we were still working out without a moment lost. Talk about efficiency!

By the end of the 40-minutes of class (and after a nice stretch-out session) you will feel fully werked — and so happy that you tried Lagree.

Lagreefit 415_ SF


Right in the heart of Mission Bay, Lagree Fit 415 is one large open space with 13 Megaformers. The room is flanked with glass windows so there’s lots of natural light, and they have blue neon lights on the ceiling and a blue “shake it till you make it” neon sign for a sprinkle of fun with your sweat. Overall, the studio feels clean, fun, and fresh.

There are lockers to store your things during class, a partition divider to change clothes, a water cooler and a small bathroom with basic amenities.


If you’re looking to up your strength training game, look no further than MegaFit at Lagree Fit 415 for a full-body, cardio workout. Plus, for you commuters out there — it’s a short walk to CalTrain, and the perfect post-train ride workout .

Lagree Fit 415 | 112 Channel St, SF  | 415-757-0505 |

Pricing: New student specials range from $15 to $149; class packages from $35 to $249