K.O. Fit at Apex Wellness



Larry is an amazing instructor. He is very hands-on and will walk you through all the routines to make sure you understand correctly and do the movements in the proper way. Even through the tough workout, Larry finds ways to make you laugh and his overall vibe is very chill and relaxed. It’s  almost like working out with a good friend.

SWEAT:  9/10. You will sweat through your Lululemon tank top.

LEVEL: This class is good for all levels, but it’s best to have a general level of fitness going into it. However, you don’t need to have ever boxed before.



  • Upper Body Heavy. Yes, your arms will take a beating. Even just holding up the pads for the other boxer’s set feels like a workout in itself. But this is what gets you those toned arms!

  • Intimate Class Size. The classes are small, averaging four people depending on the time of day, which means extra personal attention. It also means there’s nowhere to hide when it gets tough.

  • Fight Club Vibez. The space errs on the small side, so it may feel cramped to some. For those who get claustrophobic easily, it might be a bit triggering. But you’ll likely be working so hard anyways that you won’t even notice.

MUSIC: No music. Believe us, you won’t even notice because the class is so fast-paced.

BRING: Bring boxing gloves if you have them. Otherwise, you’ll be loaned a pair for free to use during the class.


Pro Tp: You will be partnered up for 50-70% of the class, so bring a friend so you can pair up. It’s slightly less awkward than punching and kicking a stranger.



The space is located at 222 Columbus Ave in North Beach. If you’re familiar with Tribe Fitness, they share the same floor. Getting into the space feels kind of like an escape room puzzle:

  • You need a code to get into the building.

    • We got ours through the Classpass app when we signed up for class.

  • Then you need a code to access the floor that is shared by Tribe and Apex.

  • The entrance to Apex is located to the right of the Tribe glass studio, through a door marked ‘Restrooms & Lockers’. If the door is locked, try the same code that you used on the second door inside the main building.

  • Then head down the hall and Apex is at the end. (Phew — toldya that was a process!)

Walk inside the studio, place your belongings in the lockers to the left and then find the large black mat area next to the painted American flag brick wall. This is where the class will take place.

The class starts with quick introductions followed by a warm-up .Our class included 30-second intervals of jumping jacks, mountain climbers, push-ups, and burpees. We followed that up some active stretching like arm circles, hip circles, knee circles and world’s greatest stretch.

Then comes the fun stuff. You partner up and begin rounds where one partner has on the boxing gloves and the other has on the pads. You alternate between sets of jabs, hooks, kicks or knees in various configurations, each for one minute. You keep switching back and forth with your partner between gloves and pads for around 20 minutes and about 3-4 different sets.

The remaining time left is spent on circuits of various bodyweight and weighted movements. This could include ab work, pull-up jumps, squats with kicks, a boxing session with Larry or battle ropes, to name a few. Each station is one minute and you alternate through 2-3 rounds, depending on time. The class ends with some yoga stretching, high fives and feeling that you just kicked some serious butt!



The space is located underground and while it does feel like you’re in a basement, it’s kind of a cool, fight club-style vibe.

There are showers, bathrooms and lockers, as well as clean towels to use during the class (you will need one, trust us!).

There is street parking only, though there are a couple of parking garages within a few blocks. Be sure to arrive early if you plan to look for parking. You guys already know what that SF parking struggle is.


If you love small, intimate classes where you’ll see the same faces each week, this is the place for you. Everyone is the class were good friends, including the instructor and it felt more like a personal training session than a fitness class. You’ll work hard, but it feels more like you’re working out with friends. It’s safe to say we’ll be coming back!

APEXWellness | 222 Columbus Avenue San Francisco | ApexWellness.com

Pricing: Drop ins are  $30, packages are 4 classes for $80, first class is free