How Trainers Train: Meet Open Gym SF Trainer, Queene

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Ever wonder how trainers get down behind the scenes? What do they eat? How do they structure their days? Well, we did too. That’s why we’re bringing you a new weekly series How Trainers Train that focuses on a behind the scenes look at #Trainerlife.

First up: Meet Queene, a powerlifting coach who calls Open Gym SF her training home. A former basketball player turned powerlifter, she holds the state, national, and world record in squat, bench, and deadlifts in her weight class (talk about goals!) — and now has her eyes set on bodybuilding as her next physical challenge. Read on to hear more about her current training, what she eats, how she spends her rest day, and more.

Q: What is your typical morning routine?

A: I typically make my pre workout meal which involves waffles and eggs along with a frozen fruit smoothie. As I’m eating my breakfast, I send texts to all my clients following up with how their workouts went/have been going. Between 10am and 11am is when I typically start my workout.

Q: Do you have a fitness goal that you're working toward right now?

A: I was a competitive powerlifter for the past five years. I hold the state, national, and world record in squat, bench, and deadlift in my weight class (231/115/297; 123 Jr. Weight class ). I’ve decided to go into a completely different sport to push past my mental limits, which is bodybuilding.

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Q: How does powerlifting compare to bodybuilding?

A: Powerlifting is more strength based. You’re trying to get the weight up, making sure your numbers are increasing. Bodybuilding is a lot more volume work (reps) on top of heavy weights. It’s challenged my endurance a lot, which is exactly why I transitioned. I’ve proven to myself that I can be strong, now do I have the mental discipline to stay on top of my macros and nutrition to achieve the physique I want when I step on stage.

Q: What does an average day look like for you?

A: There is no average day for me. I’m constantly trying to build a business, stay on top of my (meal) prep to make sure I hit all my macros and get my workouts in, while maintaining the regular day to day things.

Q: What does your weekly fitness routine look like?

A: I work out five to six times a week. My training centers on  strength training and I’ll add in one or two Orangetheory classes sporadically the week to get some cardio in.

Q: What is your go-to fitness gym/class in the Bay Area?

A: Open Gym SF!

Q: How do you cross train?

A: OGSF offers various different classes so that always brings something new to me. I’ve been pretty well rounded in sports with basketball being my background. I believe fitness is just about improving the quality of your life, not about who is stronger or who has the best abs.

Q: What do you eat on a daily basis?

A: My macros are on a IIFYM basis. I have constant communication with my coach who adjusts it every couple days depending on my body weight. Right now I’m in a small refeed so I’m in a surplus with targeted protein, carbs, and fat .Some of the things (I eat) are pretty consistent, but if I know I’m going to dinner or will be indulging in myself a little bit more, then it varies. Some of the consistent things I incorporate into my diet are: frozen fruit smoothies, kodiak protein waffles, chicken, organic quinoa and brown rice.

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Q: What are 3 must-haves in your gym bag?


  • Lacrosse ball to help me do some pressure point release.

  • My chalk to help me with my grip. Specifically for deadlifts and pull ups.

  • My workout journal. In my workout journal, I pre write everything before hand so I don’t have to pull out my phone and get side tracked by messages or Instagram notifications mid workout.

Q: How do you spend your rest days?

A: Sleep, family, and writing out my clients programs.

Q: What's your top tip for fitness and/or nutrition?

A: Whatever research you do, don’t apply it unless you enjoy it. Health and fitness is a journey, you might as well have fun while you’re on it! One thing that did help me with my fitness is really prioritizing mobility. Stretching and having a proper warm up really changes the quality of your workout. A common reason why ppl stop their fitness journey is because they get injured or they can’t move well. I’ve made it a key thing to teach my clients mobility/stretches to do daily before and after their workout daily. It decreases the soreness in your muscles so you’re able to make it into the gym more. How many times have you hit the gym with a great workout and then couldn’t go for a couple days after because you just could barely move?

Q: Where can people go to learn more about you + your training?

A: I’m in the midst of creating a website but my Instagram would be the best way for people to check more about what and who I am about. I’m pretty proactive with responding to my followers!

To learn more about Queene and powerlifting, check out her Instagram. Don’t forget to check out the Sweat Report’s IG Stories to get up close and personal with Queene’s day and ask her any burning questions directly on our Trainer Takeover Tuesday — happening now!

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