How Trainers Train: Meet Kat, SMUV Studios Owner

Katrina jugarap smuve studio lagree fitness

Meet Katrina (Kat) Jugarup, the owner of the brand new Lagree Method studio in San Jose. Not only has she just opened a Bay Area studio, but she’s also going to start training for her third — yes, third — full marathon. Read on to learn what her go-to morning routine is like, find out her best fitness tips and how she spends her rest days (hint: Marie Kondo would be proud).

The Sweat Report: Tell us 3 fun facts about you.

Katrina Jugarap:

  • I’m Bay Area born and raised.

  • I have a tabby cat named Luna (aka LunaBuna, Bukasan, Buki) who is really, really cuddly

  • My mom has 8 siblings so I have 20 cousins — I love my huge Filipino family!

TSR: What is your morning routine like?

KJ: I wake up, get dressed, drink water, and arrive to the studio an hour early to prep for a successful day at SMUV. At the studio, I turn on our diffuser (currently diffusing lemongrass and frankincense), lights, music, spritz our towels with peppermint essential oil, and spend 10 minutes to fill the space with my gratitude before classes roll in.

TSR: Do you have a fitness goal that you're working toward right now?

KJ: Once I learn to manage my time and new normal as a Studio Owner, I want my 3rd full marathon medal!

katrina jugarap smuv fitness
Katrina Jugarap smuve lagree fitness

TSR: What got you interested in Lagree fitness?

KJ: I discovered Lagree at the very beginning of my own personal fitness journey five-ish years ago. I tried a bunch of fitness methods, and Lagree was the only one that stuck. I love the low impact, high intensity, and results.

TSR: Why did you decide to open Smuv?

KJ: For me, the method is tried and true, and it transformed me in more ways than just my physical fitness. I decided if there was one purpose in my fleeting lifetime that I could fulfill to serve others in a meaningful way, I would want to help others find that transformation for themselves.

TSR: How do you cross train?

KJ: I love vinyasa yoga and love/hate running (and yes, I still want to complete a 3rd full marathon - I have strong determination!).

TSR: What do you eat on a daily basis?

I like an iced coconut milk matcha latte in the morning, a cold pasta salad for lunch, an afternoon iced coffee, a crispbread with avocado, vegan cream cheese, and Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel seasoning for a snack, a soup for dinner, and an OCHO chocolate for dessert.

TSR: What are 3 must-haves in your gym bag?

KJ: In my Vooray gym bag I always have:

  • My SodaStream bottle of sparkling water (with a splash of grapefruit juice),

  • My headphones to listen to podcasts

  • And a notebook and pen to jot down thoughts and ideas.

TSR: How do you spend your rest days?

KJ: I love to clean my home! Dishes, laundry, purging, organizing - I consider this rest and reset.

TSR: Where can people go to learn more about you + your training?

KJ: At our studio, on the Mega!

TSR: What's your top tip for fitness and/or nutrition?

KJ: Longevity over vanity. Take care of our bodies with movement and clean nourishment and our bodies will take care of us.

All classes at Smuv Studios are free until May 12. So, hop on the reformer, meet Kat, and see what all the fuss is about.