Hot Tuff at Hot Spot Yoga, Oakland


CLASS: Hot Tuff

TRAINER: Gabby — She's one of our favorite yoga teachers in the Bay. She's encouraging and supportive and pushes you to do your best. 

SWEAT:  10/10

LEVEL: Intermediate & advanced: Best for those who have some experience with bootcamp-like classes and/or hot yoga. First timers and beginners might find this class quite challenging.


  • Super Soaker: Space heaters combined with cardio

  • Noga: While there are elements of yoga in this class, Hot Tuff is focused primarily on strength training 

  • SweetSavasana:

MUSIC: Upbeat tunes. Gabby's playlists are always fire. You'll hear a combination of hip hop, R&B, reggeton, and sometimes even some classic 90s beats. 

BRING: Bring your yoga mat, a towel, and a water bottle.


Pro Tip: This is an intense class, don't take this class on an empty stomach or a full stomach.

Hot Tuff_HotSpotYoga.jpg


Ever wonder what it would be like if hot yoga and a bootcamp class became one? Well, Hot Tuff at Hot Spot Yoga in Oakland is just that: part yoga, a part cardio and a dash of weight lifting.  Props needed for the class (provided in class) are: a yoga block, 5lb weights, 8lb weights, an ab roller and a blanket.

Class started with push-ups and immediately, it was clear that it was going to be one of those classes where every minute is maximized. After push-ups we went straight into cardio, which was a combination of  movements like: burpees, mountain climbers, jogging in place. Since the room is heated, we began working up a sweat almost immediately.

After cardio, most of class was focused on strengthening. We did a combination of  some yoga poses with weights as well as traditional weight lifting exercises like lunges, curls, etc. Throughout portions of class, class can get really intense

Class finished with a set focused on abs and one last set dedicated to cardio before a (much deserved) savasana complimented by a scented lavender towel. After, you'll feel like a total badass.


Hot Spot Yoga on 24th St. in Oakland, is a small yoga studio right off of Telegraph Street.The studio itself is humble yet welcoming. The space is wide and open, but you won't catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror — there aren't any in the main yoga room. But there is an altar with photos of powerful, strong women like: Madonna, Beyonce, Michelle Obama, etc. to inspire you throughout your practice. There's also a changing room and a bathroom off to the left side of the main room and a front desk where you can check in, but the space is generally pretty small. Heat for the classes comes from space heaters that are placed in the four cou

Overall, Hot Spot Yoga is a great neighborhood yoga studio (a Sweat Report favorite), and the Hot Tuff class is exactly that: Hot and tough. 


Hot Spot Yoga | 530 24th St. Oakland | 510.858.5170 |

Classes start at $20 for a drop in and packages start at $129 for unlimited monthly access. 

There's a second Oakland location

Hot Spot Yoga | 2008 Park Blvd. | 510.823.2275