Hipline: Shimmy Pop Dance Class


CLASS: Shimmy Pop at Hipline

TRAINER: Libby Miga is a ball of dancing fire, leading the class with the magnetic presence of an arena entertainer.

SWEAT: 6/10. You’ll find yourself catching your breath and looking glow-y after this dance cardio class, but with still enough energy to blast through your day.

LEVEL: All levels.



  • First things first — don't be scared. You don’t need any dance experience. The moves are fairly easy to follow, and if you get confused, free styling is encouraged!

  • The fun factor is through the roof. Go on a day when you're looking to get a little cardio, have a little fun, and remind yourself fitness isn't all about lifting heavy or running fast. 

  • If you’re new, don’t be shy about moving towards the front or middle of the room. You can see the instructor better and take direction easier.

MUSIC: It’s party with pop and dancehall music pumping through the speakers.  

BRING: No shoes, no socks, no problem: You really only need a water bottle and a little bit of rhythm at this barefoot class (yeah, we said barefoot). 



Photo Credit: Yelp: Hipline page

Photo Credit: Yelp: Hipline page

Photo Credit: Yelp: Hipline Page

Photo Credit: Yelp: Hipline Page


If you're looking for a place to let your inner Beyonce loose, look no further than the East Bay (or should we say Bey?). Throughout class you'll learn choreography to a series of different songs before dancing them as a group. 

When class starts, you’ll get right into it with cheerful and enthusiastic Libby giving brief instructions before the start of each song. Some songs have pretty simple instructions that's easy to follow along with Libby as she's teaching, but for the more intricate routines, there's a different process. Libby will break down the choreography step-by-step, first with the class watching as she explains the sequence as she's doing it, and then another time with the class slowly mimicking her every move. Then, after a few practice runs, the music starts and you'll perform full-out. Each song plays a couple times, so you can focus less on the steps and more on unleashing your inner pop star. 

Before you know it, you’ve danced through almost an hour of songs, then it's time for a cool down: A few minutes of easy stretching. Whether you’re just getting into fitness or are a frequent gym bunny, get shimmying! There are enough good vibes for all fitness levels at Hipline.


You’ll find Hipline located at the back entrance of Top Dog and Flavors of India. Go up the wooden stairs to the second floor, and a dance studio awaits you, complete with a beautiful foyer area, a personable front desk, beverages for purchase, and pretty-in-pink Hipline merch. The dance studio for Shimmy Pop is sunlit, spacious, and lined with polished hardwood floors. A disco ball hangs from the ceiling (because, obviously), and the front wall is lined top to bottom with mirrors. Showers are available, and bathrooms are tidy. A fun little perk is the locker area, which has brightly lit mirrors reminiscent of backstage make-up rooms. Childcare is also available in their Jungle Playroom; see website for more information about making a reservation.

Pro Tip: Park in the Lakeshore Parking Area for two free hours.

Hipline | 3270 Lakeshore Ave., Oakland | 510-893-1070 | myhipline.com

Pricing: Drop-in’s are $24; packages range from $40 - $320. First-time guests receive a free class when they create an account online at the Hipline website and book the "On the House" option.