Heels class at Full Out Studios, Oakland

full out studios oakland

CLASS: Heels Class at Full Out Studios

Tuesdays, 8:30pm. This is a 90-minute class.  

TRAINER: Amanda (IG: @vibe.withme)

Immediately, Amanda’s warmth puts any nerves you might have at ease and her sass is infectious. Before you know it, you’ll be body rolling with Beyonce level confidence.

SWEAT:  4/10 —This is a choreography class, so there’s lots of starts and stops. Don’t expect to sweat a ton, but DO expect to get a good workout in. It’s a 90-min dance class afterall, so you’ll likely get a little damp.

LEVEL: This class is good for all levels. It goes slow enough for first timers but also gives seasoned vets a chance to really hone in on their own unique style — and put their own stank on the choreography.


  • Crazy sexy cool — This style of choreography in this class tends to skew on the sexy side with lots of body rolls, hip rolls, and air grinding (is that what it’s called?). Given the ultra hip, urban warehouse space, it’s easy to sink right into the vibe and get down with your bad self.  

  • High heels, high confidence — As the name of the class suggests, this class is done in heels. We’re not sure if it’s the extra inches, the sassy instructor, or the cheering classmates (or all of it), but this class leaves you feeling confident, accomplished, and sexy.

  • Lights, Camera, Action —  One thing about this class is that sometimes the class is professionally filmed. You’ll learn the dance and at the end when it’s time to perform, there will be a cameraman there to document your fierceness (if you want). Many of the ladies dress up and do their make-up for these classes.

MUSIC: This class plays R+B and hip hop songs.

Heads up: The music does have explicit content.

BRING: Water, heels, and your inner vixen. You’ll want to wear a little bit of make-up and cute workout clothes, as sometimes these classes are filmed.


Pro Tp: The class is 90-minutes long — that’s a long time in heels. If you want to save your tootsies, wait until the second half of class to put your heels on so you can get the choreography down, the perfect it in heels.



Well, first and foremost, it should be stated that this class is a sexy choreography class. Body rolls, hip swings, and yeah, you might even dry hump the ground. In a tasteful way, of course.

Class starts with a stretch sequence which is a mini choreography routine in its own right. It’s set to music and definitely has its own little rhythm to it. Note: When class starts, you don’t need your heels, there’s a few minutes after you stretch to put them on and jump into the next section — the catwalk.

The class lines up in two lines and you grab a partner and the two of you do a little freestyle strut down the catwalk while the class cheers you on. The class is large so you only strut the catwalk once — so you’ve gotta make it count. Some women will drop down in a split, others will walk as if they were Tyra Banks in Fashion Week; whatever your style, that’s your time to bring it.

After the catwalk, class goes into the choreography and it’s time to tap into your inner vixen. Amanda’s choreography is smooth, sexy and involves a lot of body rolls and sexy moves.

Amanda has one or two class assistants who already know the choreography and are good to watch in case you have a hard time seeing her. She’ll go through choreography pretty slowly and she does a great job of breaking down each movement — where your weight should be, how your arm should look, the feeling you should have, etc.  Since her choreography tends to have a sultriness to it, she gives a lot of detail, which is nice especially for newbies.

You’ll get one eight-count at a time, and then you’ll practice a few times to Amanda counting to the beat of the music (think: “one and two, three, four, five, and six,” etc.), then you’ll practice with the music a few times before moving on to the next eight count. You’ll “take it from the top” multiple times so you get to continuously practice. Most routines have about 8 to 12 eight-counts of choreography, which is a decent amount to learn and stylize. When choreo is complete, you’ll practice it a few times, then break into groups and perform for each other and film (so you can post it to the ‘gram!).

Overall, Amanda is great at making you feel at ease with her choreography. She breaks everything down really well, and the routine itself is sexy and fun. Since class is 90-minutes, there’s plenty of time to learn and practice until you get it down. When class was finished, there was a sense of pride and accomplishment in the air, and honestly, we were feelin’ ourselves TBH.

full out studios oakland
Full Out Studios oakland


From the outside, you probably wouldn’t notice that this is a dance studio. It’s pretty baren without signage, but when you walk in it’s an urban dance hall oasis. There’s two open rooms, usually with music blaring from them (even when no one is dancing), lots of color and an unmistakable vibrancy in the air.

There’s a main room where the “Full Out” logo is positioned on an exposed brick wall in front of a wall of mirrors and one smaller room toward the back.

There’s no denying the feel of the studio is hip, cool, and urban. In fact, we’re pretty sure your swag level increases by at least 10 point just from walking  in the door.


Overall this class is perfect for someone who’s interested in tapping into their inner sex kitten. The choreography goes slow so it’s easy to pick up, the teacher is encouraging,  and the community of ladies who come to this class are very supportive. We highly recommend this class to anyone looking to add a little flirty wink to their fitness routine. Grab a gal pal, and a pair of high heels and get ready to transform into a femme fatale.

Full Out Studios | 1225A 7th St, Oakland  | 800.619.6045 | Fulloutstudios.com

Drop ins start at $14, packages start at $65