Cycle60 at Cycle For Lyfe (Oakland)

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CLASS: Cycle60

TRAINER: Mason —  He's a fun, energetic, and encouraging instructor. Plus, his playlist is fire. 

SWEAT: 10/10 

LEVEL:  All levels. From a spin noob to a Tour de France elite cyclist, every level will enjoy this class.  

APPROX. CALORIES BURNED: 400 - 600 calories 


  • No rhythm? No problem: This class is all about riding to the beat of the music. Not confident in your ability to count music? Mason's gotchu. He'll make sure you're on the right foot, stomping it out on the right count to the music.

  • Ambiance is everything: The dark lighting and strobe lights will put you in the mood to par.tay.

  • Town Bidness: This is the type of studio where everyone knows and gets along with everyone. It's a very welcoming for anyone looking to build a fitness community.

MUSIC: Mostly hip hop — a nice mix classics and moderns. Note: Everytime we take a class at Cycle for Lyfe, the playlist is fire. 

BRING: A water bottle 


Pro Tip: Spin shoe rentals are free at the front desk. 

Double Pro Tip: Garb a towel and weights before you walk into the spin room. They're located right outside the spin studio. 

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Class started with Mason instructing everyone to start with their right foot bent and their left leg straight. The music started and he counted us into the ride with a "5, 6, 7, 8 right, left, right, left" so we all knew how to start the ride and the beat we should spin to. This was the first time we've seen a spin class start this way, and TBH we loved it. It told us that "riding to the beat of the music" is something this studio takes seriously rather than just a talk track or marketing tag line. 

Throughout class we did a warm up, sprints, hills, and jumps (aka tap backs) and arms — the class set up wasn't too different than other spin courses we've taken. However, a few things that stood out were the playlist and the instructor.

The music it leaned heavily toward Hip Hop & R&B which was super fun. There was a lot of contemporary songs that everyone knew as well as some throwbacks (Nelly's Hot in Herre for example). We loved it because there's nothing more inspiring in a spin class than when you're really winded but your jam comes on and you can't help but feel the need to stomp. it. out.

Another thing we loved was that Mason actually got off  his bike and walks around the class counting music, encouraging you, helping you with your technique, and also if you're off beat, he'll walk up to you and help you get back on beat.

Plus, Mason helped bring "community" into his class. He would split us up into rows and make each row sprint while the other rows continued riding to the beat of the music. Then, toward the end of class, he split us up into two halves: The right and the left and we again alternated sprinting. However, this time, the resting half of class had to clap and cheer on the sprinters while resting. We alternated this about 5 times. This was our favorite part of class because even though it was the end of class and we were exhausted and ready to call it quits, having our fellow cyclists cheering us not want to give up. Plus, at the end of class, we noticed people complimenting each other on "going all out" or "great technique" — this isn't something you typically get in a spin studio because generally, you're just focused on yourself. 

Overall, this class was a ton of fun, and highly recommended for anyone looking to have a great time on a bike, and possibly even meet some fellow rider friends.  


The Cycle for Lyfe studio is located in downtown Oakland just a few steps from Grand Lake Theatre. The studio itself is large with a front desk where the spin shoes can be found, one large spin room, and lockers. The lockers are old school, so if you have a lock, you'll want to bring that with you (though we never do, and have never had anything missing). There are bathrooms toward the back of class, but no showers. 

Parking isn't easy. We recommend coming at least 15-minutes early to make sure you can find a spot near the studio, or walking/Lyfting/biking instead. 


Cycle For Lyfe | 3241 Grand Ave, Oakland | 510. 250.9692 |

Single ride drop-ins start at $20 and packages start at $95 for 5-classes. Teen pricing also also available at a discount.