Body Sculpting at Truve, oakland


CLASS: Body Sculpting at Truve

TRAINER: Dee Morris. She’s a down-to-earth, fun, and fierce coach with all the right moves.

SWEAT: 8/10 — This combo of fast cardio and weights will have you mopping your face during every break you get.



  • Get ready to sweat: This class is a full body workout with light weights at high reps along with with small bursts of cardio
  • Body sculpting is the perfect blend of using props (weights/barre/bands) and body weight (ab bikes, squats, lunges) to get your workout in.
  • The location is East Bay perfection: There's tons to see & do post class

MUSIC: Top 40 and mainstream dance hits.

BRING: Your lightest workout gear and  your biggest bottle of water.


Photo credit: Truve

Photo credit: Truve

Photo credit: Truve

Photo credit: Truve


Body Sculpting is a class that's focused on the entire body. It starts with a light warm-up before launching into the exercises, which are grouped into sets. You’ll work on your upper body with light weights, lifting in rhythm to the music, to test your biceps, triceps, and shoulders over and over again, moving quickly and with little rest in between. More upper body and chest exercises continue with a resistance band wrapped around a barre. Not leaving any muscle groups behind, Dee keeps you going as you move into the lower body portion of the class, a variety of kicks and squats to tone up those glutes and legs. Picking it up a notch more, an exercise band is wrapped around your feet, and you step up, down, and across the room, all the while with your legs apart and feet stable. Finally, you’ll blast through a core workout of bicycle crunches, sit-ups, planks, and more. Expect to be sore the next day, so stretch, stretch, stretch!


Located in the heart of  uptown Oakland, Truve is a beautifully decorated and modern space, and at 7,200 sq ft. it's got plenty of room for you to get your sweat on. There's a welcome area where you walk in, a street-facing sunlit studio in the front, a weight room in the main hall, a pilates studio off to the side, and multiple massage rooms. Plus, the bathrooms and showers are in the back — clean and fully stocked for freshening up after class. 


Truve | 2345 Broadway, Oakland | 510-788-8909 |

First class free for new students. Drop ins begin at $20/class. Packages start at $120.