7X7 — SALT Fitness, San Francisco



TRAINER: Kelisha — Make no mistake, she's small and sweet, but man, is she mighty! 

SWEAT: 9/10 — This class will get you nice and damp. 



7X7 at SALT Fitness is a pretty fun way to get your  fitness on. It starts with a dynamic warm-up — inch worms, jumping jacks, etc — before Kelisha explained the menu of exercises for the day.  Essentially, the class is broken up into a few groups, and each group has a move that they perform for one minute. Then at the end of the minute, there's a move that's done together as a class for 30 seconds before going to a new rotation. Guess how many times we do this? That's right! 7 times — which doesn't sound like a lot. But dear Lord, by the third set, you. are. dying. Read the full class breakdown below. 


Cute space, it feels fresh and welcoming. There's a large entrance, and two large rooms where classes are held. 

Note: You're going to want to get to class on time, or maybe even a couple minutes early. If there's no receptionist on duty, they lock the doors to the studio. 

MUSIC: Top 40, not too loud, but not softly playing in the background either. 

BRING: Water. Sneakers.

ON CLASSPASS: Yes (but this studio fills up quickly so book early.) 



Kelisha's class started with a quick, 5-minute dynamic (intense) warm-up. We did jumping jacks, high knees, inch worms, plank holds and other exercises to warm up before taking a quick minute to grab water, while Kelisha went over how the class was going to play out. Basically, the format was:

  • Exercise Set 1 (1 minute)

  • Cardio (30-sec)

  • Exercise Set 2 (1 minute)

  • Cardio (30-sec)

To make it easy on us, the exercises were also written up on the mirror in dry erase. As a newbie to this format, it was really helpful because there's a lot to keep track of. Note, this was a smaller class so we only had two sets. Typically, these classes have a three to five exercises. 

The official workout started with one group doing step ups on a box and another group doing push-ups — with plank jacks in between that we did together as a class. After every few reps, we got a new set of exercises, but the overall format stayed the same: Set 1, class exercises, set 2, class exercise. We did that on rotation seven times. The first few sets were easy peasy. But, by the third or fourth set, the entire class was slowing down ... and by the the sixth set, we were goin' on fumes. 

Overall, this was a surprisingly fun and effective bootcamp style work-out. Kelisha was a fun and encouraging instructor, but also worked our booties. If you have the chance to try this class out — do it. You won't be disappointed. 

SALT Fitness | 327Divisadero St. San Francisco | 415.529.2721 | Saltisthecure.com