Interval Training at EPIC Interval Training

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CLASS: Combination Interval at EPIC Hybrid Training

TRAINER: Jayme showed us exactly what we needed to do and then gave us the room to do it freely. She gave directions and pointers to keep us on our toes.

SWEAT:  9/10

LEVEL: Any level, each circuit exercise had three levels of intensity that you could pick from or alternate between throughout. We could also determine the level by the amount of weight used during the kettlebell workouts.



  • Choose your battle: Each station has multiple approaches to choose for the exercise so you can make the workouts as hard as you’d like (though none of them are easy)

  • A bit of everything: Combination Interval takes pieces of workouts from the week’s other classes to create one high-energy circuit

  • No shoes, no problem:  Who said bare feet were only for Yoga and Barre? This class has a no shoe policy.

MUSIC: Old school rap and hip-hop jams, with a few pop/EDM songs mixed in for good measure

BRING: You can leave sneakers at home, but don’t forget a water bottle!


Pro tip: Saturday and Sunday morning’s Combine class leaves no room for excuses. You can roll out of bed, slip on those Uggs or Vans, and head straight to the gym.

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We’re pretty big fans of being barefoot, which is what caught our attention with Epic Interval Training. We wanted to see what it would be like to take a (non yoga) class sans footwear. Deciding on Epic’s most popular weekend class, we left our shoes at the door and hopped on in.

Jayme started the class with a simple 3 minute warm up and a 5 minute demonstration of each station.

The structure of the class thereafter went like this:

  • Four 60 second rounds then rest

  • 45 second rounds then rest

  • 30 second rounds

  • 30 second rounds again.

When doing the demo, Jayme showed each station and gave around three options for intensity, making the class customizable for all levels. The workout itself was diverse in movements and constant in energy. Going one station to the next felt like one of the fun obstacle courses we all made up when we were kids, but much, much more demanding.

The class itself was small, and we got to buddy up with our classmates, which made it the perfect environment to encourage each other. It also helped the newbies keep up and learn each station quicker with the help of Epic veterans.

We left feeling fully involved in the exercise, sweaty, and eager to dive deeper into one of the workouts during a weekday class.

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Studio Review_Epic Hybrid Training_SF.jpg


The studio speaks for itself- Epic words on the walls, high ceilings, wide open floor space, giant street-facing windows exposing the light. No cutesy stuff here- just the essentials for an eventful workout. When you walk in and see the ropes hanging from the ceiling, the mats, and the giant blocks, you can tell it’s going to be a good, sweaty time.

Everything is in one big room, so there’s no tricky navigating to the class. You walk in, sign in at the front desk, put your stuff in a cubby, and join. There is a big timer on the wall and a television screen listing the makeup of the class, an awesome touch so you are left wondering what to expect next.


An optimum way to start or end a week of standard workouts, Combination Interval really mixed up the moves and kept us going. It was fast paced yet easy enough to follow and gave enough options to feel individualized for anyone.

Epic Hybrid Training | 604A 3rd St, San Francisco | 415.757.0212 |

Pricing: Drop ins are  $35, 1 month unlimited is $349

Other locations include: SoMa, as well as in other US cities including Washington D.C., Miami, and New York