Flex Circuit at WheelHouse, SF


CLASS: WheelHouse – Flex Circuit

Tuesdays, 5:15pm

TRAINER: Fernando C. — Fernando did a good job of working on full body movements while using cardio circuit training. He doesn’t give a ton of physical adjustments, but does give lots of encouraging cues.

SWEAT:  6/10. Solid strength focus with limited bursts of cardio

LEVEL: Beginner



  • Learning Curve. This class involves a new machine Flexline Tech. (the only one in the Bay!). So, there’s a quick learning curve to get started. That said, once you’re through the first round of the circuits, it’s pretty easy.

  • Press a button, work harder. The Flexline machine is basically weight lifting, but instead of dumbbells, you use the Flexline handles. To increase the resistance, you press the plus sign on the handles. To decrease the resistance, you press the minus sign. It’s that easy.

  • Studio vibes. Wheel House is a large studio separated into multiple areas in Embarcadero Center giving each room its own vibe. The locker rooms are swoon worthy — and this studio gives out free snacks!

MUSIC: Rap music and beats. We really digged the way he turned up the volume during each circuit and lowered it when providing instructions.

BRING: Water bottle. Towels are provided by the studio.


Pro Tip: When you’re holding the Flexline handles, be sure to the plus sign in one hand near your thumb, and the minus sign in the other hand near your thumb. It makes turning up the resistance pretty easy.

class review_flex circuit_Wheelhouse_San Francisco.jpg
class review_Flex circuit_wheelhouse_San_Francisco.jpg


This class is focused on using the Flexline Technology machine. Since this is the only studio in the entire Bay Area that offers this machine, it may be new to you. If so, here’s the gist of what it is:

The Flexline Technology Machine uses AIR DCT (Dynamic Cable Trainer)  the air runs through cables to the handles. What that means for the user is that they can press a button on the handle to increase or decrease the resistance. Pretty easy!

The class itself was very much focused on using the Flex machine, but also had a little bit of cardio sprinkled in. Here’s how it went down.

  • We had four main sets, each with  3-4 exercises.

  • We started each set with a cardio burst (think jumping jacks or high knees)

  • Then we did 2-3 moves on the Flexline at 40-seconds each — squats, overhead presses, bicep curls, etc. It was similar to traditional weight lifting, but subbing out dumbells for the Flexline. The goal is to do as many reps in the 40 seconds (without stopping) as possible.

  • We did one set focused on arms, one focused on legs and glutes, and one focused on the core.

  • Class ended with a two minute plank hold.

Overall, we very much enjoyed the class. The Flexline was easy to use, and gives a new spin to weightlifting. It’s really easy to “drop set” (or add weight), you literally just click a button and tension will release, making it a lighting load.  After class, we didn’t feel totally destroyed, but we did feel like we got a full body workout. Goal accomplished!

class review_flex circuit_wheelhouse_SF.jpg
class review flex circuit at Wheelhouse SF  .jpg


Wheel House is spread out into two studios. The main check-in studio also holds the Spin, Flex and TRX classes while Yoga classes are held across Embarcadero Center.

Lots of lockers out in the lobby area (plus merchandise) as well as in each locker room area. With showers, product (not all product, but basic shower essentials and q-tips!) and snacks after class. The vibe is definitely a welcoming wellness atmosphere.


Wheel House Flex gives a new spin on weight lifting. The class is slow enough for beginners. That said, there’s not a ton of correction that happens with this class, so class goers should have some basic understanding of form.

Wheel House | 1 Embarcadero Center, SF (FiDi) | 415-666-2288 | Wheelhouse-sf.com/

Pricing: Newbie pricing plans from $18, regular client passes from $14-499