How Trainers Train: Meet Boombox Studio Owner, Alex

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If you’ve ever taken a stroll down Market Street in the Castro., there’s a good chance you’ve seen a brightly colored studio with fitness enthusiasts either working hard or twerking hard. That studio is called The Boombox and has a work hard, play hard vibe, thanks to the owner and lead trainer, Alex.

Creeping up on its first birthday, Boombox owner Alex keeps it 100, about what it’s like to have a new studio, her current fitness routine, and sheds some light on what it’s like to be an overall #girlboss.

Q: What is your morning routine like?

A: What morning routine? Lol. The Boombox is almost a year old. Just this month I gave myself a consistent schedule. I start at about 7:45 am and close up around 8:45pm. I can't explain how exciting this is. When we first opened, I was working from 6am to 9pm so there was really no routine, and I was a zombie. But now I can get back to my old routine (making coffee, planning my day out, responding to emails, prepping food.) It's going to be awesome.

Q: Do you have a fitness goal that you're working toward right now?

A: Right now my focus is just get in at least two workouts a week. Starting and running a business has really thrown off my routine and I'm trying not to be hard on myself if I don't get a workout in.


Q: What does an average day look like for you?

A: Wake up. Cuddle my pup and boyf. Get dressed. Chug some water. Grab a coffee. Head to The Boombox. Do some work. Service a couple private sessions.  Go home and walk my dog if my day allows it. Teach the mid day class. More work. Teach a couple evening classes. Occasionally I take a class to get the client's perspective. Then we close up. The next day I get up and do it all over again! It's not the most glamorous but The Boombox my baby and I love it.

Q: What does your weekly fitness routine look like?

A: I try to take a minimum of two Boombox classes a week. At least one on my own and one in an actual class. I also try to do a deep stretch/rolling session on my own. I definitely try to work in a long hill walk. My best brainstorms happen on walks.


Q: What is your go-to fitness gym/class in the Bay Area?

A: The Boombox DUH. I LOVE The Buff class. Bodybuilding is my favorite way to work out and I'm kinda old school when it comes to lifting weights. But I also love me some Flywheel and Core40.

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Q: How do you cross train?

A: As a weight lifter, it's very common to have tight muscles. Cardio is also limited. I try to take The Boom or The Beat (classes at The Boombox) because I know I'm going to get the  high intensity cardio work that I don't normally get with weight lifting. I also try to sneak into a Flywheel class here and there. Core40 is also great because it targets the smaller muscle groups and stabilizers that don't normally get worked in a traditional bodybuilding routine. Plus I always feel like I get a good stretch with a reformer workout.

Q: What do you eat on a daily basis?

A: Ha! Do you want me to say "lean proteins and veggies"? TBH anything I can get my hands on! I try to keep it as healthy and wholesome as possible. I'll pop into Verve a few times a week and get eggs and avocado or run down to Whole Foods and hit up the hot bar. Mid day is usually a salad, sandwich, or poke type situation. I try to keep healthy snacks at work but I def go hard on the dark chocolate when it's that time of the month. We sell Apres protein drinks. I LOVE those things for post workout. Dinner is a struggle. I usually get home around 9pm so I just look for something in my kitchen and knock out. It's not ideal. It can be anything from Dave's Killer Bread and butter, a packaged salad or some random leftovers. I need a better system for dinner. I try to keep it to 6 drinks a week. Sometimes I do it and sometimes, on weekends, I finish a bottle of wine in one night. I'm human.

Q: What are 3 must-haves in your gym bag?


  • Bioderma micellar water for post workout.

  • Dude Wipes (because trainers never actually shower. J.K.

  • A banana/grassfed, organic jerky stick for days that I'm in and out of meetings and don't have time for a proper meal.

Q: How do you spend your rest days?

A: I try to stretch as much as possible and keep the day high fat, low carb. Carbs have a time/place, especially post workout. If it's my day off, I try to meal prep.

Q: Where can people go to learn more about you + your training?

A: for more info about the studio and our Instagram account for a behind the scenes look at classes and community.