Sculpt at BodyRok, Marina SF

Photo Credit: BodyRok

Photo Credit: BodyRok

CLASS: Sculpt at BodyRok, Marina

Mondays, 5:30 pm

TRAINER: Liz – She provided specific instructions and time to adjust in each move prior to beginning. She provided subtle cues and levels for each move.

SWEAT:  5 out of 10.  You may not sweat or shake, but you’ll sure be sore the next day.

LEVEL: Beginner to intermediate. This class is good for newbies on the reformer. Liz provided modifications for each exercise to make movements more approachable.



  • Newbies welcome. The pace of this class is fairly easy to navigate, making it  a solid choice for beginners.

  • Pilates meets Lagree. BodyRok offers a hybrid type of pilates reformer class. There’s lots of elements from traditional pilates reformers classes, but there’s also some elements from Lagree pilates.

  • 6-pack bound. Since this is a pilates class, you’ll be using your core. Like, a lot. Whether the focus is on arms, abs, or legs, you’ll be utilizing a moving surface that forces you to engage your core to maintain stability for 40-straight minutes.

MUSIC: Music is upbeat but not overpowering while Liz provided instruction.

BRING: Grippy socks! It will make working on the reformer much easier.


Pro Tip: Come early if you’re new to the reformer. You’ll learn the ins and outs of how to use the reformer so you can start class feeling confident.

Photo Credit: BodyRok   Photo Credit: BodyRok

Photo Credit: BodyRok

Photo Credit: BodyRok

Photo Credit: BodyRok

Photo Credit: BodyRok


BodyRok is unique because it offers a hybrid type of pilates class. It has elements of classical pilates but also has elements from the Lagree pilates method. If you’re new to pilates that basically means the BodyRok method of pilates is badass.

BodyRok’s Sculpt class is a full body workout. You start out by focusing on one side of the body — arms, core, legs, obliques — and when that side of the body is totally worked, you’ll switch over to the other side of the body and do the exact same exercises you just completed but focusing on this new side.

Each exercise is about 20 to 40 seconds long — which feels more like 20-40 minutes when you’re in the thick of the move. The goal of each exercise is to go as slow and controlled as possible. You’ll want to fight gravity to ensure your muscles are doing all the work vs momentum.

Liz was great about counting down the exercises so we knew how much longer we had in each exercise, and she walked around class giving corrections and modifications so every level could get their best workout. The class lasted 40-minutes — and it was well worth the time spent.


If you’ve never seen a reformer, at first glance it can be a bit intimidating. Rest assured, with a quick intro to the machine, you’ll be teaser-ing and catfishing like a pro. Once you get over the initial intimidation of the reformer machine, and you get used to the way it works, it’s fairly intuitive to use.

Photo Credit: BodyRok

Photo Credit: BodyRok

Photo Credit: BodyRok

Photo Credit: BodyRok


BodyRok Marina is trendy studio right on Lombard Street. It’s not too big, and not too small. It’s overall a pretty decent size for a pilates/spin studio. There’s two main rooms — one with stationary bikes, and the larger, focus room is where the reformers are located.

You’ll find all the typical boutique favorites here: Lockers to hold your items as well as a water cooler, towels and restrooms.


For an approachable Pilates reformer class that will work anyone’s core, BodyRok is the go-to spot.

BodyRok | 2128 Lombard St, San Francisco | 415-890-2ROK |

Pricing: First time visitors: 2 for $30, packages range from $135-$420

Other locations include: Mission, Fidi, Haight, Polk, Petaluma, Berkeley, Oakland, San Mateo