The Benefits of Barre

Photo Credit: Jo Encarnacion

Photo Credit: Jo Encarnacion

Graceful. Effortless. Strong. Powerful. Those are just a couple of words that describe the ballet inspired, booty-kicking fitness trend sweeping the Bay. Barre is known for its use of small movements, pulses, and stretching to create those long, lean muscles that ballerinas are known for, it’s the kind of workout that looks easy peasy — until you’re 45-seconds into pulsing, shaking, sweating and suddenly questioning your fitness level. We’re talkin’ muscle fatigue, shakes, and that all too familiar burn in the most beautiful low impact way to exercise.

We asked our friends at Avant Barre — a top tier barre studio in San Francisco to give us the rundown on what to expect out of a barre class. Plus, Sweat Report readers get $5 off a single class through the whole month of February. Use code: Sweat2019.

What are some benefits of barre?

  • Barre sculpts lean muscles using just your body weight.

  • The workout is low impact but highly aerobic.

  • The repetition of choreography allows you to enter a meditative state during class.

  • It can be so fun you forget you’re working out!

What parts of the body do barre workouts focus on?

Predominantly the core, quads, and glutes. But your entire body gets a workout during class.

What can we expect in a typical Avant Barre class?

Our classes start at the barre with warm-up and exercises that target larger muscle groups (quads and glutes). Once all the muscles are fired up, we move to the center of the room for adagio (the ballet term for slow movement for balance work) and cardio to challenge the entire body at once. The class ends with floor work to re-target the core, arms, glutes, and quads before cooling down with dynamic stretches.

How should our bodies feel when we walk out of a barre class?

Shaky and tired — but invigorated!

Photo credit: Jo Encarnacion

Photo credit: Jo Encarnacion

Photo Credit: Jo Encarnacion

Photo Credit: Jo Encarnacion

What kind of workouts pair well with barre?

Pilates, yoga, boot camps, lifting, and running.

The beauty of barre is that it strengthens all your muscles in a functional way, so you can actually improve your form in other modalities.

What can you do to ensure you're getting the most out of a barre class?

Barre classes are more challenging than they appear! The primary focus is on form and precision; once you improve that, there's always another level you can reach.

 Be open to corrections, and ask for clarification when you need it. The instructors are trained to identify ways to make the exercises more challenging for all levels. A correction is meant to improve your form to maximize effectiveness.


Do you have suggestions for what one should do after a barre class?

Drink lots of water — then schedule your next class!

Thanks to the lovely ladies at Avant Barre for sharing the benefits of barre and some tips and tricks for those looking to get that ballerina inspired workout in — without all years of training.

Have any other questions regarding barre? Tell us in the comments + we’ll get them answered!

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