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CLASS: matBox at Pilates ProWorks (Marina Location)

TRAINER: Mary Kate O’Sullivan

Mary Kate is bubbly, high-energy, and keeps you working hard when you think you’ve given all you’ve got already.

SWEAT: 8/10 — This is a fast-paced workout with short but intense intervals of strength training and cardio bursts, followed by light yoga and stretches.



It’s a one part kickboxing, one part mat pilates, and one part yoga class. After learning the foundational moves of kickboxing, you’ll kick and punch your way around a bag in quick intervals. Afterwards, the bags slide to the edges of the room, and you'll go through a round of high-repetition strength training with light weights. Finally, yoga elements are incorporated for a nice cool-down and stretch. Full recap below.


When you walk in, there's a front desk and receptionist, next to a wall display of hand wraps and ProWorks gear — which is great in case your forgot to pack 'em in your gym bag. Further inside are roomy lockers and two spacious unisex bathrooms to get changed in. The larger main studio in the front is decked out with Pilates equipment, and the smaller studio in the back has 6 ceiling mounted kickboxing bags.

MUSIC: EDM and remixes of mainstream hits.

BRING: Hand-wraps are mandatory, and they can be purchased at the front desk for $10. If you have boxing gloves, stuff them in your gym bag, otherwise rentals are $2, or free, if it’s your first class with ProWorks. No sneakers are needed, just a good pair of socks. The floor can be slippery though, so if you have grippy-bottomed socks, they’re highly recommended. And bring a big water bottle; you’ll need it after this one!


Photo Credit: Pilates ProWorks Instagram

Photo Credit: Pilates ProWorks Instagram

Photo Credit: Pilates ProWorks Instagram

Photo Credit: Pilates ProWorks Instagram



The class begins with a short 10 minute warm-up of squats, body-weight exercises, and stretches. From there, the kickboxing portion of the class begins. You’ll learn simple moves like jabs, uppercuts, hooks, and sidekicks. They’re done in intervals, from a 30 second fast round of just jabs, to longer intervals of combos.

 A timer beeps after the completion of each interval, and the trainer will let you know whether or not to move on to the next exercise or continue through the timer. You’re moving fast, sprinting your way through, with only active rests in between. Mary Kate pushes you forward when you feel like you’re down to your last breath, and it’s definitely a challenging class for even regular workout warriors.

 Afterwards, we moved on to the pilates part of the class, using two pound weights and high-reps to sculpt triceps and biceps. With arms out of the way, we moved on to core, with moves like planks and shoulder taps.

 Lastly, we finished off with some deep breathing and yoga stretches, which were much needed and appreciated after our hour-long sweat fest.

With such a variety of activity and an up-tempo soundtrack, the hour-long class flies by, and you walk out feeling like the embodiment of a femme-fatale badass.

Pilates ProWorks — Marina | 2238 Union Street, San Francisco | (415) 913-7717 |

SF classes start at $35 for drop-ins and $125 for packages *Prices vary per location. SF is the most expensive in Bay. Insert eye roll.

Other Bay Area Pilates ProWorks locations include: 

  • Burlingame
  • Marin (Larkspur, Mill Valley, San Anselmo)
  • San Francisco (FiDi, Bush St. FiDi, Commercial St.
  • The Oakland location recently closed.