Booty Barre —Mint Studios, SoMa

CLASS: Booty Barre | Saturdays 10 a.m.


SWEAT: 8/10

LEVEL:  Medium to Advanced

THE WORKOUT: Booty Bar at Mint Studios is a top-notch workout that incorporates ballet & traditional pilates techniques to target the glutes, legs, and core. Expect a lot of small, resistance-based movements that's sure to give you a serious sweat.

THE SPACE: Clean, trendy. One bathroom. No showers/changing rooms.

MUSIC: Top 40 music. Not too loud, but enough volume to work out to the beat.

BRING: Water and grippy socks (If you don't have grippy socks, you can buy some at the counter).




If you're looking to work up a sweat while targeting your derriére, Elaine's booty barre class is where the party's at. The class is divided into three sections: a warm-up, high-intensity barre action, and finishes with mat core work.

The crux of the workout is (obviously) at the barre. Using your own body weight and resistance, there's a variety of ballet-based exercises that focus on balance and strength. At first glance, the movements seem fairly easy, but trust us when we say, "you will feel a burn." Don't be surprised if your muscles start shaking or if you need to break midway through a rep. After barre, you'll finish doing some core work on the floor (think sit-ups, V sits, etc) before doing a last stretch. Booty Barre is taken either barefoot or with grippy socks, which can be purchased at the front desk. The class isn't easy, but it's a ton of fun, and well worth the burn. 

The music selection is solid — not too loud or distracting — and is mainly top 40. In our class we heard a little Biebs, a little Rih-Rih and some 'Yonce. No complaints here.

Note: Elaine will come along and adjust you in class. If you're not into that, no prob. Just give her a heads up before class starts.



Mint Studios is a compact yet efficient studio. When you walk in, there's a foyer with a white, tufted couch, table with flowers, and an area where you can purchase workout gear, socks, water bottles, etc. Inside the first room, reformers for the pilates classes fill the space, and past the pilates area is a large, open room lined with ballet barres for — you guessed it — barre classes. There are no changing rooms, and only one bathroom. Overall, the space has a fresh, feminine feel to it.

Classes start at $18 for drop-ins, and range from $85 to $300 for package classes. Private & duet classes are available.  

MINT STUDIOS | 766 Brannan St., San Francisco | 415.863.3935 |